The menu of Kitchen Lab Café in Glyfada welcomes the mouthwatering Burger AP burgers. Hand-crafted black beer buns, fresh ingredients and dreamy dressings create an absolutely delicious experience that you simply have to try!

photo of Burger AP

Burger AP

100% ground beef burger, cheddar, AP sauce, mayo, tomato and iceberg lettuce
photo of Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Crunchy chicken thigh, sous-vide cooked, with an 18-spice breading, curry mayo, tomato and iceberg lettuce
photo of Duck Burger

Duck Burger

Crispy confit duck with hoisin sauce, cucumber, coriander and coleslaw
photo of Tagliata Burger

Tagliata Burger

Beef fillet, slow-cooked in a sous vide, with homemade béarnaise sauce and coleslaw
photo of Superfood Burger (VG)

Superfood Burger (VG)

A burger made with cracked wheat, lentils, veggies, peanuts, BBQ sauce and vegan mayo.
Served with fries or salad + Fries AP - 2€
photo of BBQ Pancetta Burger

BBQ Pancetta Burger

Caramelized pork belly, sous vide cooked, with BBQ sauce and coleslaw
photo of Healthy Burger

Healthy Burger

Juicy chicken fillet, sous-vide cooked, with a tahini-yogurt sauce, BBQ mustard, tomato, and iceberg lettuce between whole-wheat buns.
photo of Kids Burger

Kids Burger

100% ground beef burger, cheese, and mayo. Served with fries.
All burgers are served with a side of Fries AP.


  • Gluten-free bread, whole-wheat bread, crispy bacon, egg, cheddar, caramelized onions
  • Double beef patty
  • All burgers are served with Fries AP or salad


  • Fries (VG)
  • Fries AP
    Crispy fries with cheddar sauce, bacon, spring onions and tomato.
  • Chicken Wings
    Tender chicken wings with AP sauce and sesame seeds.
  • Chicken Nuggets
    Crunchy breaded chicken with a choice of honey mayo or AP sauce. Served with fries.