This is where the best brunch in town is served! Handcrafted breads, homemade dressings, delicious pancakes and much much more! Everything is cooked in our kitchen with pure, natural ingredients and in amazing combinations, so that you can choose the ones you like best! It’s true, you can enjoy it right here, in the cool atmosphere of Kitchen Lab. Brunch is served every day from 09.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

photo of Granola Yogurt

Granola Yogurt

2% yogurt parfait with granola and honey.
photo of Avocado Toast (VG)

Avocado Toast (VG)

With basil oil, rocket, cherry tomatoes, chili, lime and cilantro. Add a poached egg with extra charge €1.
photo of Kitchen Lab Breakfast (VE)

Kitchen Lab Breakfast (VE)

Sourdough bread, berry jam, honey, butter and a soft-boiled egg. Served with fresh orange juice or coffee.
photo of Croque Madame

Croque Madame

Poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce on top of crispy brioche bread with bechamel sauce and smoked ham.
photo of Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs with homemade hollandaise sauce on top of crispy brioche bread and a choice of: smoked salmon, pastrami, turkey, bacon.
photo of Kitchen Lab Omelet

Kitchen Lab Omelet

Fluffy omelet with mixed cheeses on top of crispy sourdough bread with a chili-ginger jam and bacon.
photo of Scrambled Εggs

Scrambled Εggs

Creamy scrambled eggs on top of a buttery tart with truffle oil, and a choice of: smoked salmon, crispy bacon.
photo of English Breakfast

English Breakfast

Fried eggs on top of toasted brioche bread accompanied by bacon, mushrooms, sausages, cherry tomatoes, baked beans, and hash browns.
photo of Healthy Eggs Benedict

Healthy Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs with avocado hollandaise sauce on top of multigrain whole-wheat brioche bread, basil oil and cherry tomatoes, with a choice of: smoked turkey, smoked salmon.
photo of Vegan Breakfast (VG)

Vegan Breakfast (VG)

Avocado toast with whole-wheat bread, accompanied by superfood salad, vegan cheese croquette, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and nuts.
photo of Superfood Breakfast

Superfood Breakfast

Egg-white omelet, avocado toast with whole-wheat bread, quinoa salad, lime dressing and nuts. Turkey and light cheese can be added with no extra charge.
photo of The Ultimate Pancake

The Ultimate Pancake

The Ultimate Toffee Pancake with toffee, banana, and cookies.
photo of Red Velvet Pancake

Red Velvet Pancake

With white chocolate and chocolate spread with cookies, and feuilletine.
photo of Healthy Pancakes

Healthy Pancakes

Whole-wheat pancakes with peanut butter, coconut, bananas, cacao nibs, flaxseed and honey.
photo of Pancake pralina

Pancake pralina

The Ultimate Chocolate Pancake with chocolate hazelnut spread and feuilletine.